Next FCP: 08 Nov - 11 Nov, 2018

Why Choose FCP?

We are passionate about building an ecosystem of great founders and companies. The DNA of a company, and whether it is successful, depends entirely on its founders. We are creating a community of entrepreneurs who are interested in improving their leadership styles, and coaching their teams and other founders.

We will analyze the start-up process step-by-step to help founders understand the “why” of their businesses. Why do they do what they do? What is the purpose and how do they see themselves as entrepreneurs? We will also help entrepreneurs identify the strengths of their teams, and leverage on these strengths to catalyze organizational transformation. This program will enable founders to rethink their role, as well as the role of their teammates within their company.

The retreat is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to come together and discover their their personal “why” as they embark on their start-up journey. This will be a defining experience for the company’s future growth. Founders will also have the opportunities to spend quality time with other entreprenuers to build mutually supportive relationships that will last over time.

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If you are a founder of a startup company with over 50 employees and are interested in joining our next event, please fill in the questions below. Feel free to email us at if you have any further questions. Thank you!

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